Your Album
Is An App

Freeform’s mobile apps
attract more fans
and make more money


Freeform makes it easy for artists to create engaging mobile apps. Those apps attract the most fans by leading with free music. And those fans can become a source of recurring revenue.


Freeform apps reimagine the digital listening experience, creating entire worlds for fans to discover. Free music brings them in; lyrics, liner notes, videos, animation and games keep them coming back. Beautiful, rich and customizable album packaging for the mobile digital age.



How It

Your Music, Your Way
With Freeform, artists choose what music to make available and what your free offer should be. A download of the first single? One complete stream of the album per day? It’s up to you.
You also set the amount you need to earn when fans unlock additional content. You create an entire world for your fans to explore.

Why It’s

Make More Fans
Mobile gaming has demonstrated that giving away a compelling-enough version of your material yields the biggest audience AND the most revenue. Freeform applies this model to music distribution. Your Freeform app makes it easy for new fans to experience your music the way you want them to, and helps convert those casual listeners into super fans.

Make More Money
Freeform apps can earn artists more per download than selling through most digital retailers. But Freeform also allow you to sell more than music — from tickets to merch to fan club offers and more, you’re limited only by your imagination. Best of all, Freeform apps allow YOU to control the relationship with your fans.